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Whether young or old, adventure thirsty or laid back - everybody can enjoy this varied region according to their own heart's desire. Hardly any other place offers such a wide-ranging choice of close-up nature encounters, thrilling adventure sports or conventional family fun.

Where else in Europe is it possible to go skiing at 3000m in the morning and relax at the beach to soak up the sun that same afternoon? Here, where the mountains converge with the sea, practically the entire spectrum of outdoor activities can be found within a small area:

For walking, mountain biking and horseback riding the landscape presents a veritable paradise. The breathtaking beauty of this largely unspoiled mountain world has so far been preserved from the onslaught of mass tourism and thus still offers nature experiences that have become rare in Central Europe.

Of course the infinite opportunities for adventure, sport and fun are not restricted to the summer months, winter sports are equally eagerly pursued. Up in the nearby mountains, ski-resorts invite you for snowboarding, skiing and other 'cool' winter fun pursuits.

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It's motorbike-season here all year around! A paradise for on-road and off-road bikers amidst incredible scenery of infinite twists and turns, mountain passes and unbeatable excursions to the nearby Pyrenees along the borderland between France and Spain! Endlessly winding, but quiet and even lonesome mountain roads, passes and endurance routes beyond limit. Ever more bikers are using our facilities in the foothills of the Pyrenees as a base for their extensive explorations we are therefore offering guided tours in co-operation with an expert tour guide, specialized on this region (please inquire).


Countless gorgeous hiking paths criss-cross the landscape, leading through vineyards, little villages, gorges and rocky mountain crests. Hiking trails are generally marked very clearly. One can explore the surrounding area either on short day hikes or traverse the Pyrenees in sections (called 'etappe') via a network of long-distance paths. There are also some specific historic paths. The 'Path of the Cathars' for example leads directly through Caudiès de Fenouillèdes. Spring and autumn are the best times for hiking.


From Caudiès the first high mountain pass of the Pyrenees, known as the 'Col de Jau', can be reached in less than 45 minutes by car. From here, the wild mountain world of the Madre Mountains stretches into the distance. Its highest peaks lie between 2000 - 2500 meters. During the winter this area is also great for skiing.

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The small quiet roads and dirt roads provide an ideal terrain for mountain biking. Local agents offer organized tours, but of course one can also explore the region independently. Mountain bikes and touring bicycles can be rented locally.


The nearby fishing villages and beach resorts offer everything one might expect from a classic Mediterranean beach holiday: swimming, diving, sailing, windsurfing, surfing or simply relaxing at the beach and enjoying the sunshine. Of course there are also tennis courts and golf courses. Barcarés, St. Marie, Torreilles or Canet plage, just outside of Perpignan offers classic Mediterranean holiday fun along the long sandy beach. The fishing villages along the coast near the Spanish border have maintained their original character. The closest beach is easily accessible from Caudiès and can be reached within 45 minutes by car.

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For specific information please request a brochure:

Office du Tourisme de la Culture et des Sports
Place de Méditerranée B.P. 22
66141 Canet en Roussillion
Tel: (00) 33 (0)4-68-73-61-00

Bathing in one of the many natural rock pools in the gorges of the immediate surrounding area is also pleasure that should not be missed.

Insider tip: a safe and quiet, absolutely natural bathing spot known only to insiders is hidden right between the rocks and the plateau on the edge of the village - waterfall included. Just the place to relax at the end of a hard day's holiday fun.
Open-air swimming pools and new leisure-pools in the surrounding villages also ensure plenty of variation on the theme of wet and cool fun pursuits.


There is hardly a better way to explore the remote corners of this region and to enjoy the fantastic panoramic views. Half- or full day excursions can be arranged at nearby stables.

Hermitage Galamus

Here, the river Agly, winds an impossible path through the rocky cliffs. Over thousands of years, it has thus shaped a breathtaking gorge that defies geological probability. A small hermitage appears as if carved directly into the rock-face - a deeply impressive masterpiece of nature and a touching expression of human spirituality.

A rough path, though easily passable with the aid of good shoes, leads all the way down to the river, where one can take a refreshing bath between the impressive rock cliffs of the narrow gorge. Nature, sport and fun all in one!

Wildlife Wildlife

Those interested in the native fauna should definitely visit the 'Parc Animalier des Angles'. Here, one can observe the indigenous wild animals at close range.

But exotic animals too, can be admired nearby. There are several wildlife enclosures and attractions not far from Relais de Laval: An African wildlife park, a turtle farm, an ostrich and bison enclosure, a butterfly farm, demonstrations of eagles and other birds of prey, and a bird sanctuary island - combining nature and tourist attraction in one and providing fun for old and young.


Parc Animalier des Angles

There are numerous places to go fishing, including some within close vicinity of Caudiès. However, it is necessary to obtain a fishing license.

AbronautingAdventure Sports

New trendy sport thrills such as canyoning, hydrospeed and abronauting are the latest craze. The fun factor is bound to be immense.


The steep, rugged rock cliffs of the Corbière and the Fenouillèdes seem to be specially created for head-spinning climbing adventures. Local guides offer climbing lessons and tours, right here in Caudiès. For further info please contact:

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The mountains here are riddled with limestone caves, presenting a fascinating inner world of gleaming crystals, subterranean waterways and amazing limestone formations. Archaeological findings show that some of these caves already provided shelter for our prehistoric ancestors or were even used as sanctuaries. Yet, many of the deeper lying caves remain largely unexplored even today. Several caves are open to the public, but for the serious spelunker there is still plenty to explore.


There are numerous opportunities for white water rafting, hydrospeed and canoe trips in the Pyrenees. The adjacent department of Aude is a playground for these kinds of activities - an exciting thrill, especially when rafting the gorges of the wild river Aude.


Everywhere in the Pyrenees one comes across hot springs that have been used for therapeutic purposes for hundreds of years. The thermal spas offer many luxurious treats for body and soul. Of course one can also undergo a traditional treatment for various physical complaints. An extensive brochure about the different thermal spas of the Languedoc-Roussillon can be ordered from the following address:

Fédération Thermale et Climatique du Roussillion
B.P. 13 - 66112
Amélie-les-Bains Cedex
Tel: (00) 33 (0)4 68 39 01 98
Fax: (00) 33 (0)4 68 39 20 20



The lower valleys of this region usually remain snow free during the winter months, but the ski resorts are never far away. Despite the glorious location (so close to the Mediterranean) and the awe-inspiring scenery, the Pyrenees have remained a secret among skiers and winter sports fans. Though one could hardly wish for a more beautiful winter sports environment: a fabulous mountain world with fantastic panoramas stretching all the way to the sea, slopes from blue to black and extensive cross-country trails - whether skiing, snowboarding, skating or sledging, the ski resorts of the eastern Pyrenees have something to offer for everyone. Yet, despite its 'hard to beat' location, the area has so far not been overrun by tourism. The gorgeous sunny winter weather here in the south makes winter sports a special pleasure. One can play in the snow to one's heart's content all morning, indulging in all the 'cool' fun to one's heart's content and in the afternoon descend to the coast for Après-ski on the beach under the open sky, where one can enjoy sunshine, sea and the beautiful views of the snow-capped peaks.

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